Scholarship & Mentoring Committee

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”

- G. K. Chesterson

The scholarship committee is actively promoting Business Aviation as a viable, interesting, and rewarding career on the campuses where our future job candidates are being trained. They facilitate a meaningful connection and an on-going relationship between willing and interested students and individual members of CABAA that are able to mentor the student candidate within their discipline or job function on varying levels of commitment.

CABAA 2023 Scholarship Recipients

  • Chloe Artus - CABAA General Financial Scholarship

  • Cole Greaves - CABAA General Financial Scholarship

  • Troy Ettenson - CABAA General Financial Scholarship

  • Lillian Fifer- Finish Line Award

  • Eddina Bills - CABAA Maintenance Committee Financial Scholarship

  • Jennifer Chance - CABAA Professional Development Award

  • Ryder Schuch - Ken Johnson Memorial Scholarship

  • Valerie Meyer - Professional Pilot Training Award (FlightSafety)

  • Dylan Mardoian - Professional Pilot Training Award (CAE)

  • Kyle Stengel- Professional Maintenance Training Award (FlightSafety)

  • James Smith - Professional Maintenance Training Award (CAE)

  • Kevin Bisciglia - Principles of Troubleshooting Award (FlightSafety)

CABAA 2022 Scholarship Recipients

  • Valarie Meyer - CABAA General Financial Scholarship

  • Chloe Rousch - CABAA General Financial Scholarship

  • Jesse Nau - CABAA General Financial Scholarship

  • Zachary Weiss - CABAA Maintenance Committee Financial Scholarship

  • Anna Golonska - CABAA Professional Development Award

  • Alexis Popoca - CABAA Professional Development Award

  • Aidan Watson - Ken Johnson Memorial Scholarship

  • Lauren Rosinsky - Professional Pilot Training Award (FlightSafety)

  • Sebastian Stange - Professional Pilot Training Award (CAE)

  • Ryan Parks - Professional Maintenance Training Award (FlightSafety)

  • Jeffry Penny - Professional Maintenance Training Award (CAE)

  • Simon Barbel - Principles of Troubleshooting Award (FlightSafety)



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